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Nasal Cannula

  • With various length hoses
  • Please specify length needed


  • ** We also have oxygen masks for low and high flow oxygen, as well as for nebulizers

DISS Cone Adapter

  • For adapting threaded oxygen regulator fitting (for connecting to humidifier) directly to an oxygen hose (bypassing the humidifier).

Oxygen Tubing Swivel Connector

  • Swivel Connector for O2 tubing. Does for you oxygen tubing what a telephone line swivel connector does – it helps keep it from getting tangled.

Yankauer, Flange Tip, Rigid Canula.

  • Non-Flexible Flange Tip Yankauer for Suction Machines. Without control vent, rigid. Constructed of a clear, transparent material with a slip-resistant handle, a smooth and uniform inner surface for rapid evacuation, and a ribbed five-in-one size connector for easy connection.