About Us

Chapala Medical Supply is more than just medical supplies. We also offer home health care services. With Chapala Medical Supply as your home health care services provider, you will receive personalized service built around your needs. Our dedicated professionals are here to answer all your questions, and to address any concerns you have. You can call us at any time to learn about our in-home health care services.

When you choose Chapala Medical Supply as your home care provider, we begin by reviewing the specific needs of your loved one. We will meet with involved family members, and when necessary, consult with the physician(s), hospital(s), or nursing home staff of the care recipient.  Our goal is to get a complete and accurate assessment of the situation and needs of your loved one, and then implement an optimum care plan.

Our team it’s trained to work with your family to develop an individualized home care services program. As part of this process, we match your loved one’s needs to a select group of compassionate in home care providers. With Chapala Medical Supply as you’re in home careprovider, you are planned to be part of the caregiver selection process.